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Thank you for visit our site. Welcome to Touch Solutions. Kolkata best & no 1 laptop spare parts wholesaler. We sell any of the laptop related accessories at a very low price. We sell laptop related spare parts at such a low price that you cannot get the opportunity from any other company’s or online websites. Most people think that at a very low price in the online counter products from the other offline counter but we are a company that gives laptop related any accessories to you at a much lower price than any online company.

We have any laptop screen available here. LED, LCD, Paper LED & Normal LED screen available. You can buy a laptop screen from here for your personal use or business purpose. The laptop screen of any size is available at very low price. We have a minimum warranty of one year on any size of laptop screen. HD 1366 x 768 and full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution laptop screen all time available in our store.

Touch Solutions is a Kolkata best trusted computer service center in kestopur. Contact 9836297839 / 9007013974. Assemble & branded desktop computer repairing best place. Our company service deal with home, corporate sector, government agencies, educational institutions. We provide AMC & paid call basics repairing maintenance. Our team works together to come up with customized and result-driven solutions to solve your computer related issues. The highly & long time experienced engineers of Touch Solutions offer low costing and effortless service to the desktop computer of all brands. We thoroughly diagnose the computer problems to start working on it with the use of the latest tools and techniques.

Hardware Support: Our service center service engineers provide onsite computer repair, Computer no power, Power on but no display, Computer startup beeps, Auto power off, Auto power shutdown, LAN port not working, DVD not reading, hardware parts replacement, RAM & Hard Disk upgrades, Computer internal cleaning & more services we provide you.

Software Support: Assemble & branded desktop related any software issues best solution center is Touch Solutions in Kestopur. Computer slow system run, Hanging problem, Blue screen fatal Error, Virus infected, Operating System Crash, New OS install, Data backup, Formatting, Virus protection & much more support we provide you.

Network Setup & Support: We have dedicated & highly experienced communications technology experts. We setup small & large communications network in you home & office. Wire & wireless network best support & new setup design we provide you & your company.


Get your mobile repair from Us:

Mobile Repair This is an important and stain work. In order to make this work the best equipment is needed, as well as the quality of the engineer’s contribution is very similar And we have both of these. We are repairing any smartphones here very carefully and seriously.

We offer you, Mobile free inspection, Quick service & parts replacement. Genuine spare parts, Repairing warranty, Same day delivery

Our services:

Screen Replacement.

Charging Port Repair.

Battery Replacement.

Mic/Speaker Change.

Camera Replace.

Mobile Networking Solution.

Software Update.

Password Unlock.

Software Hard Reset.

Contact Us:

Touch Solutions.

BG 32, Hanapara, VIP Kestopur.

Hari Abasan 2, Ground Floor, Shop No-5.

Opposite Hanapara PNB ATM.

Call- 9836297839 / 9007013974.

Your nearest laptop service center is Touch Solutions in kestopur, kolkata. Address is BG 32, Hanapara, Krishnapur, VIP Kestopur, Opposite Hanapara Sarat Sarani Gate No-2. You can contact at any time at this number-9836297839 / 9007013974. Our service center In the middle of Baguiati, Ultadanga, Salt Lake, Rajarhat, Newtown & Shyamnagar Area. Kestopur is the best communication center for your laptop repair place. Our service center provided multi brands of laptop repairing & services. We resolve Laptop hardware and software related any issues. Touch Solutions is not like some other local service center in this Kolkata. Because our service center tie up to most popular & important branded company. That like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer & Sony Vaio. Because of this, we can provide quick services, genuine accessories and authentic warranty papers. Laptop related any problems. we are provide free and instant inspection facility.

Service Brands: Dell, HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Acer, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, HCL, Samsung, Asus,

Address Details: BG 32, Hanapara, Krishnapur, VIP Kestopur, Opposite Hanapara Sarat Sarani Gate No- 2. You can contact at any time at this number-9836297839 / 9007013974.

Distance of local areas: 2km to 4km. (Baguiati, Hatiara, Laketown, Ultadanga, Salt lake, Kankurgachi, Shyamnagar, Rajarhat, Newtown, Teghoria, Chinar Park, Dum Dum, Nagerbazar, Kestopur Bazar, Thakdari Road)

Never Raise the Volume above 90% to prevent damage to laptop internal speakers.

Never Play games when laptop is powered by its battery backup.
Never leave the laptop battery completely discharged.

Do not use compatible battery & power AC adapter. Because….. compatible battery & charger provide different volt and ampere.

Use a keyboard skin to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt under buttons. Keyboard buttons are quite delicate. Do not drop anything on the keyboard.

Prevent applying pressure on screen. Although it look flexible, but soon you will end up with getting dead pixels or lines.

Don’t leave the laptop on piece of cloth under it. Air ventilation is necessary or lifespan of objects in your laptop will reduce. For example, if hard disk is at 100% load on all times, it will produce heat, most laptops do not have ventilation for HDD, eventually it will be heated.

Clean ventilation weekly. You may use air can to blow out dust on ventilation.

Try to keep your laptop free from dust.

Company Details:

Thank you for visit our web site. Touch Solutions is a lenovo laptop service center in kolkata. repair for lenovo laptop all models. Laptop related any hardware & software support available in our service center and this service center provided laptop repairing warranty. Touch Solutions provided not only laptop service, laptop accessories retail store also. instant replace or upgrade the laptop spare & parts within a few minutes in your front of eyes.


Lenovo Laptop Motherboard, Ram, Processor, Laptop LED lcd screen display, Keyboard, Touchpad, Hinges, Laptop case, Cooling Fan, Hard Disk Drive (HDD), DVD Writer, Display cable, DC Jack, Power AC adapter (Charger), Battery, Laptop internal speaker’s and much more……..

This models of accessories available:

Lenovo Ideapad Y550, Lenovo G580, Lenovo G570, Lenovo 3000 G430, Lenovo G400, Lenovo Notebook B40-30, Lenovo Ideapad Z510, Lenovo Ideapad G50-30, Lenovo G430, Lenovo Notebook G50-80, Lenovo B450, Lenovo Notebook Z50-70, Lenovo Y410, Lenovo Z580, Lenovo G500s, Lenovo G50, Lenovo G430, Lenovo G560, Lenovo Ideapad Z500, Lenovo 40, Lenovo G450, Lanovo Thinkpad G550, Lenovo Thinkpad G530, Lenovo Thinkpad G560,

Welcome to HP laptop service center in kolkata. We provide you hp g62, g42, cq42, cq62 laptop graphics card permanently solution in our service center. Actually maximum brands of graphics card damage is  ATI, Nvidia and AMD. Graphics card damage main reason is laptop overheating, fan failure, physical damage, bad power or overclocking. We are replace the bad graphic chip and install new intel HD graphic chip.Graphic card have 3 months warranty. We know, 3 months warranty is not enough  but we promise you do not return the same problem again in 6 months. encase return the graphic related any problems come in six months, we refund your money and install new intel HD graphic chip without any cost.

Hp and compaq laptop maximum models have device diagnostics utility. you can run this diagnostics utility and check your laptop batter status.

hp-battery-test battery-test-2

Utility run procedure: At first unplug the laptop power adapter (charger), then press the laptop power switch button and start the laptop. Press Esc key on the laptop keyboard left-side, when the appears hp or compaq logo in your laptop screen. Press F2 key – F2 for system diagnostics in the startup menu. Press down arrow key and select battery test option then press the Enter key. Open the battery test page and Enter the start battery test option.

given the 2 minutes for battery testing processing time then appears battery status result in your laptop screen.

encase system not showing the system diagnostics page in your laptop then you can download & install this software. installation complete then run this software and check your hp or compaq laptop battery condition status.

Software Download Link


  Beeps                   Problems                                                          Common Fixes

1 Beep.     System BIOS corruption or ROM error.                  Replace the motherboard.

2 Beeps.    Memory not detected.                                            Reset the memory or replace the memory.

3 Beeps.    Gate A20, I/O Chip, Keyboard controller failure.    Replace the motherboard.

4 Beeps.    Memory failure.                                                      Reset the memory or replace the memory.

5 Beeps.    CMOS battery fail.                                                  Replace the CMOS battery.

6 Beeps.    Video BIOS test failure.                                          Replace the graphics card.

7 Beeps.      CPU test failure.                                                     Change the laptop processor.

8 Beeps.    LCD, Video Flat Cable, GPU failure.                      Replace LCD cable, Screen or GPU Chip.

Dell Laptop Service Center:

BG 32, Hanapara, VIP Kestopur,

Hari Abasan 2, Ground Floor, Shop No-5.

Contact Us: 9836297839 / 9007013974 / 9051730485.

It becomes necessary for you to be careful when you are handling your laptop but you will still be able to encounter some kind of problems. You will invariably have to face them. You may be facing even a minor issue which can lead to further complications .You can also come across difficulties like inability to browse the internet, not being able to complete your work on time, etc. If you wish to solve any issues related to computer, you will have to seek the advice of the experts and follow it. The Dell laptop which you own is an extremely complex machine which demands a certain degree of skills and proficiency in fixing them. Whenever you face a problem the best solution is to contact the Dell Service Center in kolkata Touch Solutions. You can dial them on their mobile number. You will immediately be attended by a representative who will greet you in a pleasant manner. One major advantage of these support groups is that they are available at your service Week a 7 Days. The reason behind this is that the issues concerning your Dell laptop will be able to arise at any time during the day and hinder your work progress.

The dell laptop service center has created a niche for themselves in the computer market due to their excellent after sales services. It’s because of this factor that they have acquired a lot of goodwill and the also possess a very large customer base.

The Laptop Repair in VIP Kestopur, Kolkata, West Bengal can easily solve problems related to software on the phone by using the remote control of your computer or engineer go in your place & solve the software related problems. If you have problems which concerns the hardware then you will have to take the laptop to the service center. Alternatively an employee of the service center will come to your home to solve the problem. Call the customer support number and you will be able to get laptop experts for resolving your problem.

How to know your laptop keyboard all keys are perfectly working or not. at first click our download link & download keyboard tester software in your pc. then double click the software, click run option and check your laptop keyboard all keys.

Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Applications run 32bit & 64bit operating system (O.S)

Download Link

Dell Vostro 2520,1440, 1450, 1550, 2420 Laptop LED Screen replacement Guide.

Step 1: Unplugging your laptop power adapter and remove the laptop battery.

Step 2:  Next gently pry the plastic cover from around the screen. You shouldn’t have a problem just                    using your fingers, but a spatula would also work.

Step 3: Remove the two screws from the top of the screen and four screws in bottom corners.

Step 4: Next disconnect the camera cable that plugs in to the webcam above the screen.

Step 5: Now remove the four screws that hold the screen in the metal hinges frame. There are two on               each side of the screen.

Step 6: All screws have been removed and the camera cable disconnected completed then you can                   down laptop old screen on your keyboard & plugged into the back on the screen display cable.

Step 7: Remove old LED screen in your laptop and you can take a new 15.6″ or 14.0″ laptop led                        screen in you hands.

Step 8: 15.6″ or 14.0:LED screen back side have 40 pin connector, you can plug display cable in to the               40 pin connector, then connect to webcam cable.

Step 9: Plastic cover back onto the screen. Gently press around the screen it snaps flush with the back              cover.

Step 10: Insert battery and power adapter on your laptop. You should a perfectly working new screen




at first check your laptop or desktop computer date and timezone in your Windows task manager. setup the perfect date, time & timezone in your pc task manager, then enter your windows product key number & click activate button.

We live in an era where sophisticated computers, laptops and notebooks manage our lives. They both act as a medium for acquiring new information as well as a source of entertainment. We simply cannot imagine our lives without them. With the popularity of the computers, the computer technicians are also very much in demand. They perform installation and repairing of parts or resolve problems that people encounter with their laptops and desktops. But becoming a successful computer technician can be a tricky task. Here are some strategies and guidelines to follow. Keep on reading.

Get a degree in the field of computer technology: This will help you and all the career aspirants to become a competent computer support professional, aiding in installing computer unit and troubleshoot any kind of issues related to hardware and software. Getting the qualification will facilitate you to unravel intricate problems associated with computer set-up or systems administration.

A bachelor’s degree can open new opportunities as a system administrator for full time with high remuneration. Degree holders can also embark on new challenges like working as information systems manager with several perks in leading MNCs and IT companies.

Develop soft skills: Soft skills refer to good interpersonal communication skills to deal with clients. This will be particularly beneficial for entry-level jobs like computer support, where candidates require possessing excellent listening, oral and writing skills to solve the grievances of the customers regarding their computers and suggest solutions to them or other colleagues. Good interpersonal communication skills can also be beneficial for advanced positions, as here you have to solve complex computer problems.

Become professional: To excel as a computer technician, it is mandatory to get certified. This can be achieved by undertaking vendor-certified courses offered by the software firms like  Microsoft and Cisco. These courses will give the students training on a wide gamut of topics such as setting up, configuration, operating systems, analysis, maintaining and basic networking on information systems. These certifications also specify that you are capable of executing security, safety and environmental tasks on computers.

Be passionate about computers: In order to become a computer technician or network administrator, you need to be passionate about different kinds of laptops and desktops from an early age. You should also have the knack to solve mathematics and electronics. Take some preliminary classes on networks and operating systems immediately after graduating from a high school.

You can also undergo internships or industrial training after finishing the introductory courses as it can assist you to acquire practical knowledge and extend links inside the IT industry. Internships can also give you that platform and exposure that you may require to shine in the cut-throat IT industry.

If you follow the above mentioned strategies you can surely become a successful computer technician with high remuneration in top companies as well as by working as a freelancer.


Laptop computers and notebooks are definitely an asset to us in terms of the user convenience and portability. When it is operating at its full speed with all its attractive features ,it is surely a wonder gadget. But what about when parts of the machine gets damaged and stops operating. In such cases, it can be a catch 22 situation for the users as they have the responsibility to find the most excellent laptop repairing company. To make things easier here are some tips to select the best laptop repairing company.

Service warranty: The laptop servicing companies should offer warranty to the customers in case if they have replaced a damaged part of the gadget during the repairing process. This will help you to save your cash as well as protect your interests. Most of the reputable laptop servicing companies offers a warranty of 6 months to 1 year for the new laptop parts they have installed.

Customer services: These days companies are judged how good or bad they are on the basis of the customer care services they provide.  So choose a company that provides prompt services and boast of courteous technicians. Select a service provider who visits your home or workplace to repair your laptop at your convenient time.

Prices: It is perhaps the deciding and most important factor when it comes to choosing the best laptop or notebook servicing company. The servicing company should offer their services at the most competitive rate to the customers without compromising on the quality of the services it renders. This will help the service provider to maintain existing customer allegiance as well as acquire new clients.

Expert technicians: The repairing company should have high quality, experienced and expert technicians to detect the problems such as motherboard, power failures, damaged monitor quickly.  Moreover it will also give the customers assurance that their gadgets are in safe hands. The problem could also be related to software or hardware troubleshooting and the technicians should identify the issues to repair them as soon as possible.

Flexible services: Many companies offer 24*7 emergency services to the customers whereas others offer their services on the same day of the damage. This can be extremely beneficial for the customers and they will hire the same servicing company every time as well as use it as referral to friends and relatives.

List of clients: Check the client list of the service providing company to get the assurance and peace of mind. This will give you an idea about the quality of the services the company gives. Do not forget to read the testimonials and feedbacks of common and corporate clients before hiring that company.

Follow the above mentioned tips and find the most excellent laptop servicing company within your budget.

Preventing unauthorized access is extremely vital for encrypting confidential information on your system. Our computer network is always at jeopardy with hackers ready to access all the private data. So what to do to avert such a situation? Here are some of the tactics you can follow to prevent unauthorized access at your network system.

Update your router and operating system:

Mostly unauthorized access takes place because of using obsolete software and applications, therefore you should only consider operating the latest router and operating system to shield your networking system from infringement.

Follow a set of protocols:

At home or workplaces it is important to follow a series of protocols such as not clicking on a suspicious link, preventing installation of unauthorized content or applications. This will keep your networking secured in the long run.

Configure separate Wi-Fi networks for the guests:

To avert access of the strangers to your local network sources, keep separate access points for the guests when they use Wi-Fi network. This will keep your network protected.

Alter the login ID from time to time on your modem and router:

Keeping your login credentials and password secret is not adequate. You have to change them from time to time, especially the login credentials on your modem and router. Do not keep default login ID as it makes your system vulnerable to illegal access.

Make your passwords safe:

If you have a system with Windows operating system, render LM password hashes inoperative. If you have Unix/Linux operating system, use crypt (3) hashes, MD5 style hashes, or bcrypt hashes if your operating system supports the passwords.

Make your e-mail secured:

One of the best ways to secure your e-mail is by translating all received HTML (hyper text markup language) substance to simple text and obstruct every folder extensions by means of defaulting, apart from the those folders which you want to receive.

Render your router’s login feature inoperative:

It is an effective strategy to prevent illegal attacks on your network by those who are not directly linked to your router.

Install antivirus software:

Installing properly approved anti-malware program on the host-level or gateway can shield your system against the huge majority of online menaces and keep the hackers at bay.

You can also classify and implement security domains into your network such as who needs to access to your system? What type of interchange or network traffic are justifiable? Plan perimeter resistance and design accordingly.

Keep abreast of the latest technology news to protect your network:

Keeping yourself updated with the most recent technology news can not only help you to shield your system against unauthorized access, but also find out remedies for a hacked system. You can read blogs and forums on the internet to prevent your system from getting attacked and find solutions for a system that has been infringed.

Follow the above mentioned beneficial tactics and keep your computer network safe and secured.

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